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Cultural Spa | Healing Inherited Wounds

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Establishments such as patriarchy, colonialism and white supremacy, resulted in traumatic experiences inherited by the general populace as a whole. Neuroanthropologists argue that certain projections in the brain develop through cultural leveraging wherein cultural practices and institutions put in place, influence genetic expression, neural pathway development, behavioral patterns, and social interactions. The cultural niche model which thematizes the inheritance of a generation’s adapted environment by the next generation: socially transmitted adaptations strategized for a particular generation’s survival are assimilated and absorbed over the course of history by subsequent generations, indicating a degree of generational inheritance of trauma. The development of unresolved trauma is conditioned upon undergoing parenting styles rooted in abuse patterns. This in turn manifests as unhealthy attachment styles. Structured as a healing experience, this workshop addresses attachment wounds, its nested manifestations with trauma, and revisits ancient rituals with an emphasis on movement, music and meditation. The workshop also equips practitioners with trauma-informed rituals that can help them and their clients cleanse, accept and rejuvenate the embodied traumas that they have inherited through generations.

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